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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

How to be a good girl

"How going to be a good girl".

Today, I want to share with you about how going to be a good girl.
First, you must have a positive thinking.
Second, you must have a extra knowledge.
, you must expert in any field like cook, sew, tidy and others job.

You also must have a good attitude in you daily life.
Because without that you will fall to planning.
However it is quite difficult but might be easy if you have a good minor.
The good girl also must have an friendly.
If you hold that as you cater and put in you mind.
Everything will be happy.

Don't forget about you God.
Good bless you,
Pray just for Allah

This post just want to share about the girl. You can take any good idea.

!!!!.....SMILE ALWAYS.....!!!!

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megatfaizul said...


Ttg haraki, boleh difikirkan utk menulis, cuma mungkin bukan di blog ana.. Ana buat blog ni secara umum utk semua.. pensyarah dan students kml, org awam, SB, ....

Tengoklah kalau ada masa, boleh difikirkan blog yg "underground"